Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to stinkin' Coos Bay !

THE GOOD:  The bay, the ocean, pelicans, the weather
THE  BAD:     The Oregon Lottery, my hair, No Red Lobster
THE UGLY:    Cape Arago Hwy, downtown North Bend

We're just getting started....your thoughts?


  1. The Good: the cleanest, best beaches, where SOME are still free to walk on! Love the biggest sand dunes on any USA coastline. Love the trails, fishing, boating.
    The bad: I am too far from all my family, I eat to much Junk food ( which this area is full of and very little organic choices like BELLEVUE wash has).
    The shopping is horrible here. I love coastal, art, tourist type products, quaint deli's with awesome latte' s and comfy sitting area, None here but kaffe 101. And what the heck...... no Starbucks where you can go inside and hang out!!!!!!!! What town does not have a big star bucks?????? Safeway does not count!

    The casino needs a bunch of yurts that look like ancient native American tribes, to rent out. And get that walkable board walk to coos bay and north bend.

    The Ugly:
    The lumber mill near east side which should move to the north spit and make this area a hotel, shopping tourist Mecca.
    The whole bay front is UGLY. Tons of trashy old buildings and crap. Front street could be the finest "pikes place" in the north west and a destination sot after!!!

    But hey, we do have a million dollar Information center, w/ solar even! Go figure

  2. AGREED! You would think Coos Bay would take advantage of that gorgeous bay view !!! Tourists LOVE water. But Noooo...for some reason this idiot city council is stagnate and loves the view of crappy run-down splintered wood and weeds. What is wrong with us ????

  3. I believe it takes a WHOLE town to change. ALL the people need to help, put in time and money. The leaders are the ones to motivate the town, and gather the troops so to speak. Put the plan down and then organize groups to start chipping away to fix this place up!!
    1. Planning stage, prioritize what needs to be cleaned up first. "can you see it ? I already see huge fights, their is no unity or ability to work together and that is the downfall of this area. Until the people can come together in UNITY and WORK TOGETHER toward a common goals nothing will be done." But anyway, that is stage one. Clean up every mile of the bay area along the water. tear down haul away all the old buildings not in real use, repair the ones that are. It is NOT just money, but legal problems are a biggie. But some local attorney's could volunteer their time to get through the red tape to clean up. Next is just man power. Volunteers with trucks from trucking companies, big equipment that they freely volunteer their time. We could mount huge sales to raise money for some things like gas, for the rigs, or fees to get rid of waste etc. Whole town working with hands and what they have to clean it up and get the trash out! This is stage one, if we get that done, then we work on stage two. ;-)

  4. It could happen! They do it for the Beach clean-up every year...and I'm sure that is all volunteers. We can organize to go out and see that sunken ship easy enough ---- but totally ignore ugly Coos Bay sites. Where are the priorities?